About us

The story of DYFA is a tale of a production company – and design company which continues to develop.

DYFA – Dynamic Facades – was founded in December 2011 with a vision to create intelligent solar shading outside buildings and to become part of a sustainable green building design.

In 2012, we created the DYFA New York System in aluminum based on a vision of combining aesthetic interior design and functionality. The DYFA New York System is a unique and patented modular system that allows for flexibility in both function and design.

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Customized doors and walls in glass and aluminium. Created through good design and craftsmanship.


To create beautiful spaces where life is lived.


Aesthetics, in the development, expression and design of our solutions. The aesthetic expression of a DYFA product creates and beautifies the room.

We emphasize good craftsmanship and produce our products with professionalism, knowledge and care. Great solutions for beautiful rooms.

Consideration in the details of the products. Care for people, employees, customers and suppliers. Concern for sustainability, longevity, reuse, recycling.