New York Doors

DYFAs New York doors offer endless possibilities, which all can be combined with our New York walls and windows. The doors are produced either as traditional hinged doors with individual glass modules or as a full glass door with glued-on fake transoms.

Produced to your wishes

DYFAs New York System is produced by measure for every project. Size, colour, and fillings can be customised to project requirements.

The system is made in aluminium and is standard powder coated in black, RAL 9005 gloss 03, fine structure, with a 6 mm toughened safety glass. Though, the full glass walls come with an 8 mm toughened safety glass.

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DYFAs hinged doors are available in two versions, a frame door, and a full glass door. Both doors have an opening radius of 180 degrees in one direction. Fasten to a stable and secure base, top and bottom.

The frame door is the closet you get to a traditional hinged door of glass and wood. It is built with individual glass modules which are held together by the aluminium jamb frame.

The full glass door offers the slimmest profile. The doors are produced as a full glass door with glued-on fake transoms. The full glass door is available in a version with an 8 mm safety glass, and a soundproof version with 10,76 mm soundproof glass, with a sound attenuation of 38 dB.

The hinged door is delivered integrated into an aluminium jamb frame ready-to-install on site, with a lock case. Except H2, which is only available with a magnetic closure. In addition, different types of grips can be purchased.


DYFAs sliding door is available as a framed door with individual glass modules and an aluminium frame, as well as a full glass door with glued-on transoms.

The sliding door can be delivered with two different top tracks. The first option can be built into the ceiling, which hides the track and makes only the sliding door visible


DYFAs pivot doors can be made in very large sizes, which means they can be made to reach from floor to ceiling in most rooms. The pivot door can also be combined with a glass wall if it is desired.

The pivot door has an opening radius of 90 degrees in both directions.
The pivot door is delivered as standard with a floor door pump which is integrated into the floor. For an additional purchase, you can choose the following options: concealed door closer mounted in the ceiling, pull handle, push plate, roller latch, lever bolt etc.

M4: Full glass mobile wall with fake transoms, top and bottom frame


The folding door is produced with individual glass modules.

The folding door gives your room a flexible and practical quality. Thus, visually you get a regular complete glass wall and room divider, together with a large flexible doorway with the possibility to connect and divide the rooms at will. The number of folding doors and the dimensioning of these doors are adapted to the individual project.

Other design products

Design your own walls or doors

Try our design configurator, which allows you to create and visualize your new New Yorker wall.