New York Walls

DYFAs New York Walls offers endless applications and possibilities, which all can be combined with our New York glass doors The glass walls are produced either as individual glass modules or as a full glass wall with glued-on fake transoms.

Customised to your wishes

DYFAs New York System is produced by measure for every project. Size, colour, and fillings can be customised to project requirements.

The system is made in aluminium and is standard powder coated in black, RAL 9005 gloss 03, fine structure, with a 6 mm toughened safety glass. Though, the full glass walls come with an 8 mm toughened safety glass.

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Create a new room with a DYFA New York partition. With a partition, you get a unique solution to your interior, that gives a minimalistic industrial look. The partitions can function as room dividers, half walls or walls from floor to ceiling. With our patented New York System, you can create new spaces without losing light or depth.

Our New York partition walls are made up of several modules, which makes it easy to adapt to current constructions, and the walls can be produced in large sizes.

Full glass wall

Give your room light with a DYFA New York full glass wall.

Our full glass walls can be produced in large sizes, and the glass thickness can vary according to size. Full glass wall have slim glued-on fake transoms. The full glass wall is also offered in a soundproof version with an 8.76 mm soundproof glass, with a sound attenuation of 30 dB.

Shower wall

Make an impression in your bathroom with a New York style shower wall and give the interior a unique solution. The fact that the system is made of aluminium and glass, and thus does not consist of any organic materials, makes it ideal for wet rooms.

A shower wall from our New York System provides endless possibilities and can easily be adapted to existing designs. We recommend a full glass wall, with glued-on fake transoms on the outside wall, so that the wall into the bath is clean glass, and thus easier to clean and swipe.
Our shower walls are made standard with 8 mm toughened safety glass. We also offer the special “Clarvista glass”, which provides a protective coating.
Further, for an additional purchase, a different colour can be chosen for the transoms, as they can be made in all RAL colours. When choosing our standard tempered glass, you can purchase it either as frosted or coloured glass.

Built-in window

With a New York window, you can create intimacy, ensure light, and create a unique solution for your interior. The New York windows can also be combined with an existing half wall, thus maintaining the connection between two rooms while creating a new space.

For our New York System, several different solutions can be purchased, among other things you can choose a different colour if you do wish for our standard black colour. You can also choose different fillings such as frosted glass, mirror glass, or wood.

Wine room with thermal glass, side partitions and H1 frame door

Wine room

With our New York walls and doors, you can create a stylish wine room that ensures light and adds a unique touch to the interior design. A unique feature of the New York System as a wine room is that you can see your wine collection without having to enter the room, giving it an aesthetic feel.

Whether your wine room is in the basement, living room or kitchen, a 6.76 mm UV protective glass can be purchased. The glass protects against UV radiation, thus preventing maturing your wine and fading the labels on the wine bottles.

Our system is suitable for a cooled wine room since it can maintain the temperature. However, there are many factors that play a part in a cooled room, which is why the solution differs from project to project.

With our many years of experience in the field, we can advise and guide you on the perfect solution to your project.

Other design products

Design your own walls or doors

Try our design configurator, which allows you to create and visualize your new New Yorker wall.