The DYFA New York system contains a world of possibilities for unique solutions. Only the imagination sets the limits Write to us with any questions and wishes, and we will guide you to the best solution.

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The system is characterized by a slim industrial design, that can be modulated and adapted as desired. The system has no visible joints and is easy to assemble and install.

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Colours and glass types


As standard, our profiles are powder coated in black RAL 9005 and white RAL 9010, with gloss 03, fine structure. In addition, we have untreated profiles, which make it possible to either powder coat the profiles in a different RAL colour or to anodize the profiles.

Glass types

As standard, the DYFA system is supplied with fillings of 6- or 8-mm tempered glass. If a special atmosphere is desired for the room, alternative colours and textures for the fillings can be selected.

The customization options are endless, and DYFA can thus supply alternative fillings such as ornamental glass, coloured glass, or frosted glass.

Sound-reducing boards and wood
It is also possible to get fillings in sound-reducing boards or wood. The systems can also be supplied with mirror fillings, both full or partial mirror glass walls, doors, or windows.


Pull handle

DYFA pull handles can be added to hinged doors and pivot doors.

The pull handles are available in black aluminium, oiled oak, smoked oak, brass, stainless steel, and a combination of black aluminium with oiled or smoked oak. They are available in Ø42, Ø30 and Ø20 mm.

Pull handles are supplied as standard with black powder-coated knobs, as well as fittings for attachment to the door leaf.


In addition to pull handles for our DYFA doors, we also have a lip handle. This handle can be embossed in many colours, depending on ideas, needs and aesthetics in relation to the interior.

For our H1 hinged door, a lock box is supplied as standard, where door handles and rosettes can be added.

Hinges and door pumps

Hidden hinges

DYFA’s New York doors can be supplied with a hidden hinge that is not visible when the door is closed. The hidden hinge has the advantage that it is adjustable in all directions, which makes it easier to adjust the doors if necessary.

In addition, the hidden hinge gives a more stylish and minimalist look.

Door pumps

DYFA offers several different types of door pumps and door closers, both visible and hidden. With a door pump or door closer, you can adapt the door to your needs and according to the interior design.

Dørpumpen bliver indstillet til døren, så den kan holde døren åben, men samtidig også lukke forsigtigt at sig selv.

Fake transoms

In addition to the modular system, New York solutions are also offered for conventional all-glass walls consisting of all-glass fields, where New York bars can be added to the walls. This add-on solution can also be added to exterior glass solutions.

The fake transoms are offered in running meters in two variants:

  • Profiled “New York” transom (35 mm x 16 mm)
  • Flat contour “Copenhagen” transom (35 mm x 3 mm)

Shelf system

Shelf system

The shelves can be mounted directly on the transoms of the glass walls using specially adapted shelf supports. The shelves can be adjusted as desired.

The shelves are supplied in a version with 6 mm tempered glass or wood. Maximum depth is 150 mm and length are 1500 mm, with a maximum load of 5 kg.

Wall-mounted shelf system

DYFA’s wall-hung shelf system consists of aluminium profiles with associated shelf supports. Shelf supports are designed with the possibility of adjustment, which means that they can be adapted to various varying shelf thicknesses from 6 to 20 mm. The shelving system can be adapted as desired.

The shelving system is supplied as standard shelves of 8 mm tempered glass, with a depth of 300 mm. Maximum length of the shelving system is 3000 mm, but a maximum load of 10 kg.

Design your own walls or doors

Try our design configurator, which allows you to create and visualize your new New Yorker wall.