Get help quickly and get your project to the finish line. We have an office and showroom in Svendborg. Here you can see, feel and experience our products in many different solutions.


Adress: DYFA A/S Finlandsvej 12, 5700 Svendborg

Opening hours: Monday-Thursday 07:00-15:00, Friday 07:00-14:30, weekend closed


Showroom: Monday-Friday 08:00-15:00, Friday 07:00-14:00, weekend closed

Contact information: +45 91 55 33 55, e-mail

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Adress: Karlsson & Dahl Glasmästeri AB, Stormhallsvägen 2, S-432-32 Varberg

Opening hours: Monday – Thursday. 07:00-17:00, Friday 07:00-16:00

Showroom: Monday – Thursday. 07:00-17:00, Friday 07:00-16:00

Contact information: +46 340-66 66 50,



Adress: FACILITAS AS, Hafrsfjordgata 3, N-0273 Oslo

Opening hours: always open

Showroom: Drammenveien 39, 0271 Oslo only by appointment.

Contact information: +47 922 18 600,

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  1. Measure the hole where your glass wall or door will be.
  2. Draw a sketch of the solution you want.
  3. Send it to, or use our contact form.
  4. You will hear from us within 24 hours

Delivery time from approved order is 4-6 weeks. We deliver worldwide.

Meet the team from DYFA

Lasse Stauenberg Heckmann

Lasse Stauenberg Heckmann


Henrik Kulmann Christiansen

Henrik Kulmann Christiansen

Project manager

Brian Dahl Jensen

Brian Dahl Jensen

Production manager

Jens Erik Petersen

Catalin Jalba

Freja Jensen